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development and PCB assembly

With over 25 years experience in hardware and software development we have taken many peoples’ design ideas and converted them into a product ready for manufacture. We have, in the majority of cases, also produced the prototypes and production quantities.

Since we also build a lot of PCBs we can ensure that board is designed for manufacture which will allow a cost saving when in production.

We can work with design data at any stage of the development cycle from full schematics down to a ‘back of an envelope’ idea. You don’t need to have electronics experience - all you do need is the idea!

Most of our designs incorporate a micro controller (typically PIC series) which gives the customer the option of changing the functionality of the design by a software upgrade at a later stage, if required. The nature of the PIC also gives some IP security to protect against ‘cloning’ as the software is fuse protected and cannot be easily read from the device once programmed.

A set of schematics are first produced using CAD techniques. A ‘net list’ is created that contains information about connectivity, component packaging, layout constraints etc. This is used to layout the PCB whilst allowing for board size, component positioning, track thickness etc. Auto-routing, manual routing or a combination of both is used to route the board and a design rule check is then performed to ensure accuracy with the original schematic.

We can then offer a fast-turnaround prototype PCB manufacturing and assembly service to get a first-off board ready for testing and approval.

If software is required this can be written and tested on the board to ensure that it meets with requirements. Sometimes the customer will take on the responsibility for writing the software and at other times we will be asked to provide the code.

If further development or modifications are required then these can easily be integrated into the design at the schematic, PCB layout or software stage, as required.

To discuss any projects or ideas please feel free to give me a call on (01550) 779107.

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