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PremierElectronics        (UK ) Ltd

development and PCB assembly

We offer surface mount, conventional and mixed technology PCB assembly.

Components can be free-issued or procured through our extensive range of suppliers. We are able to source bare PCBs both on-shore and off-shore.

We can also offer higher volume (100+) PCB assembly via our associated company in China. For proven designs this can allow substantial cost savings and relatively short lead times. Please ring for more details.

Surface mount PCBs are built using our automated pick and place machine and solder paste stencil techniques. We normally use lead-free solder paste but can work with leaded if required. A multi stage forced air convection reflow oven allows careful temperature profiling to give the optimum reflow cycle.

Most surface mount PCBs are mixed technology and so after visual inspection they can have the conventional components added either by hand or using flow soldering.

Conventional PCBs have the components loaded and then flow soldered using lead-free solders and no-clean fluxes. Any parts that couldn’t be flowed are added afterwards (e.g. heat-sensitive devices, mechanical parts etc.)

The finished boards are visually inspected and any electrical testing carried out to the customers requirements. We often carry out an electrical test of some form to ensure that the customer receives the boards in a tested state, ready for assembly into the final product.

To discuss any of your requirements please feel free to give me a call on (01550) 779107.

Conventional, surface mount and mixed technologies

PCB Assembly service

Conventional through-hole

Quality prototype and low volume PCB assembly in-house. Fast turnaround.


Surface mount/mixed technology

PCB Assembly